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External Insulation System VITEX THERM - Thermal Insulation System

VITEXTHERM external insulation system.

Vitex - Yiannidis Bros SA created VITEXTHERM external insulation system for application in old and new building structures. VITEXTHERM is a modern external thermal insulation system tailored to the end consumer needs and is a top choice for quality results and durability of construction and is designed with the latest standards and certifications.

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  • Why choose Vitextherm
    Why choose Vitextherm

    VitexTherm successfully organized the external insulation seminar in Corfu on 25 November 2015 in cooperation with the hardware store Skiadopoulos. The participants, professional technicians and engineers watched with great interest the work stages and all materials of the system.

    • Possibility of coloring the final plaster through Vitex color machines network in Greece and abroad.
    •  Infinite and stable shades through VITEX Global Collection fandeck.
    • Primer covers the plaster.
    • Full range of accessories and special support tools.
    • Choose to pasting polystyrene polyurethane foam.
    • Certified system ETA.
    •  Continuous technical support
Thermal Insulation System

Thermal Insulation System

  1. Substrate - Masonry
  2. Solder insulation boards (GNK 10G Fiber reinforced mortar or foam bonding GNK FOAM)
  3. Insulating material (insulating slabs of expanded polystyrene)
  4. Mechanically fastened with plastic or metal plugs (plugs dimension Especially suitable for fixing of insulation boards)
  5. Boxing Material fiberglass (Use white fiber-reinforced mortar GNK 20W for Boxing yaloplegmatos160 gr / m² VITEXTHERM)
  6. Primer (Application color GRANIKOT PRIMER)
  7. Topcoat (colored coatings Acrylic Finished silicone high strength recommendation to weather changes and mechanical stress).

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